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(Dear Friend, the following is a summary of a letter by Michael Forbes, President of IBS. In it you will find all the basic information you need to understand the business of 900 Numbers.)

Hello, my name is Michael Forbes Founder and President of Information Brokerage Systems.

I'm in the 900# business... and business is BOOMING!

Due to this enormous increase in business, it gives me great pleasure to be able to make this offer to you. IBS is now recruiting managers to work P/T from their homes. First month's potential earnings are $1O,OOO.OO and more!

This business can give you freedom and happiness. Understand, this is not some "Revealed For The First Time Ever Money-Making Secret" that keeps you in the dark until you send in $10 for some scam that tells you to mail thousands of letters to people asking for money. With IBS, it is simple; 900#'s are incredible tools that have generated millions of dollars to their owners.

Now you can have your very own 900# ABSOLUTELY FREE! Plus, you also have the opportunity to become a Mail Order broker for IBS (This is explained in detail later on).

Managers of 900 numbers are making profits of over 200% which CAN MEAN thousands of dollars from one simple idea, or by coming up with a new combination of old ideas. You can do the same. They are people just like you who are making $100,000.00 and more PER MONTH with their 900 numbers!

Now, I'm not trying to fool you and make you think you can earn a million dollars overnight, and I'm not saying you'll make the same kind of money your first month. However since you are a beginner, you can realistically expect to make this your FIRST YEAR. According to public statistics, the AVERAGE earnings for 900 number manager is over $215,000 annually, and that's average earnings!

When you manage a 900 number you earn $l.00 for every minute a caller listens to your recorded message. The average call is 3 to 5 minutes long. Our computer network can handle over one million calls simultaneously, so no one will ever get a busy signal when calling your 900 number. Our computer handles all the calls. You don't have to answer any telephones, you don't have to talk to anyone, and you don't have to worry about expensive phone lines. Your number works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, you'll be earning money day and night, on weekends, holidays, even when you're out shopping, on vacation, or just in bed sleeping!

Who uses 900 numbers? Large corporations, wealthy Entrepreneurs, even Charity Fund Raisers use them. Why? Because they earn profits 24 hours/day.

This is why IBS is willing to give you a 900 number...FREE!
IBS needs creative individuals who are serious about making money to manage our 900 numbers part time from their home. If you're serious expect your first year earnings to be $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 and more!

I also need people who can recognize, and act on a good opportunity when they see one, so for a 10 day limited time only, IBS will give you a 900-number absolutely FREE! Plus, you keep 100% of the profit of your number. Furthermore, once you are a member of IBS, your 900 number is yours forever.
There is no time limit on when you use it, or how long you want to wait before you start. When you join IBS you'll be assigned your very own personal consultant to help you choose and implement the strategies that will bring you the greatest results. This consultant works for you to help you manage your 900 number successfully!

IBS will also help you get started by giving you a list of 85 proven successful programs to operate on your number, FREE!

We also have OVER 90 COMPLETE TURN-KEY NUMBERS that will get you started instantly and effortlessly. Professional announcers will automatically record and update the information on your 900 number. If you do decide to try, the first step is to get your 900# along with the secrets of starting successful 900# programs from the people already doing it. All this, and more is available for you in our 900# Success Manual for only $39.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling.
The Success manual is your key to 900# wealth! It contains everything you need! All of our managers started with this exact manual! I charge a small fee for this manual (about the price of an average dinner for two) so I know you're serious about becoming successful. After all, it's not a $39.95 decision, it's a quality of life decision!

Once I know that you're serious, I'll refund the cost of the manual by adding it to your first monthly royalty check simply by taking it out of IBS royalties, and giving it back to you! If you're serious about becoming wealthy, I want to give you the opportunity to see your dreams come true! I'll take out any worries or sceptical feelings you may have by letting you try your new #900 number a full year at the complete risk of IBS.

Order your 900# Success Manual today. If you're not fully satisfied, return it within one year for your money back - no questions asked!

Along with 900 number managers.IBS is also recruiting Mail Order Brokers. There are more people who want to manage a 900# Business that IBS can possibly hope to reach. As a result, you can work with IBS as a 900# Broker!

Simply by referring a costumer to IBS, you will receive $18.50. That's all you do, IBS handles everything else. Being a 900# Broker requires no selling, no experience, no equipment, inventory, or license,and only 3 or 5 hours per week! You are paid $18.50 per costumer simply for referring them to IBS. Getting customers is easy because this offer comes complete with a proven Marketing System consisting of direct mail brochures, inexpensive yet lucrative classified ad. strategies, and written permission to duplicate the material for your benefit. In addition to your $18.50 commission, you also receive 20% of the phone revenues generated by each customer 900# every month!

The managers and brokers working with IBS are like a family. This family is working together and building what many call "A BUSINESS EMPIRE". I hope you join our family! We are constantly needing more people because everyday more and more people are wanting to manage and/or broker our 900 numbers! You can work with IBS and share in the profits. All you need is the entrepreneurial desire to be wealthy. The only way you can lose is by not ordering.
Right now, you have the power to change your life forever if you only take advantage of it, so DO IT NOW!...PROCRASTINATION WILL KILL YOU! Get involved by joining today!

Michael Forbes
President, IBS

P.S. I want to thank you for the time you took from your busy schedule to read my offer. I hope you will become a part of IBS, and share our success. As you think about my offer, I want to leave you with this thought...


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